About AssureVault

AssureVault was formed in 2004 with the mission of providing traditional commercial records management and tape/disk vaulting services to businesses throughout Northeast Ohio. In addition to AssureVault provides technology-based digital document management and scanning services as well as library repository services.

Commercial Records Management & Media Storage

AssureVault provides secure, off-site records and media storage and management solutions.

Digital Records Management

Content Management and Digitizing Services improve business efficiency, protect information from theft and disaster, and help ensure regulatory compliance

Library Depository Services

Library Depository Services blend traditional asset management with today’s technology to provide university and public libraries with demand-based, off-site storage with circulation services.

Our Record Centers

Our Record Centers and media vault provide the ultimate environment for storing and maintaining your records.

Most records centers have no temperature or humidity control with uncontrolled and rapid heat and humidity changes occurring frequently. These rapid changes are enemies of long term storage of records. AssureVault’s Record Centers and vault are environmentally managed to ensure consistent temperature and humidity ranges. Our record centers are managed to 72 degrees F, +/- 4 degrees and we manage humidity between 30 and 46% R.H. And our media vault is managed to 68 degrees, +/- 2 degrees and 40% R.H., +/- 4%. To view the current environmental conditions in our facilities click here.

Items are managed using AssureVault’s high-availability, cloud-based Total Recall™ records and information management system that is hosted in the company’s SSAE 16-certified secure, dedicated, data center located in Canton, Ohio. The system is fully replicated, with failover capability, in a second SSAE 16-certified data center in Cleveland, Ohio, which operates on a completely separate power grid.

AssureVault is a division of HF Group, a nationwide company dedicated to providing specialized information-related services including preservation, conservation, book production/publishing and digitization.

A Division of HFGroup