HF Group/AssureVault operates a facility in the Columbus area that provides archives and library storage and depository services for The Ohio State University and other clients. Construction began in late 2014 and was completed in February, 2015. The facility climate test period was completed in March, and the initial ingest of materials concluded in April, 2015.


The 20,000 square foot facility was designed specifically for the long-term storage of library materials and is equipped with environmental control systems to manage and monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality to very tight tolerances. Physical security, controlled access, fire protection and life safety were key considerations during the design and construction process.

Items are managed using AssureVault’s high-availability, cloud-based Total Recall™ records and information management system that is hosted in the company’s SSAE 16-certified secure, dedicated, data center located in Canton, Ohio. The system is fully replicated, with failover capability, in a second SSAE 16-certified data center in Cleveland, Ohio, which operates on a completely separate power grid.

With a storage capacity of more than 100,000 cubic feet, the repository currently holds more than 30,000 cubic feet of archives and library materials including special collections items of all sizes. Regular pickup and delivery service, including daily retrieval, is available as required.

Digital document delivery is also available for journal articles and book chapters when retrieval and delivery of the physical volume is not required or preferred.